Printable Forms

We may have asked you to complete and return one of the forms below, to enable us to offer you further assistance with managing your Swift account.

You can send your completed form to us in the post, or email as an attachment to Please remember to quote your Swift agreement reference.

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    Download one of the forms below to get started.

  • Complete

    Complete the form to allow us to offer you further assistance.

  • Send

    You can send your completed form to us in the post, or email.

Income & expenditure form

Gaining a better understanding of your current financial circumstances will help us to establish what assistance we may be able to provide.

Third party authority form

If you would like us to speak to someone else on your behalf, such as a friend or family member, or someone from an organisation who is providing you with advice, this form will give us the authority to do so.

Private Assisted Sale scheme authority form

If you have chosen to sell your property under our Private Assisted Sale scheme, you need to complete and return the authority form so we can liaise directly with you appointed estate agents and solicitors.